How to Advance Your Music Career

train+tracksBlogger Hisham Dahud maintains that it’s important keep revisiting the basics to keep your music career on track. Doing so allows you to think like a beginner again, back to when you could see clearly what you wanted. Unsuprisingly, the first tip regards revisiting and restating your original goals. Others include:

  • It’s all about sales. Make sure you’re fairly compensated for your entertainment value.
  • Network. Meet people that you can help, not just those who can help you.
  • Avoid people who bring you down. This would include so-called friends who try to dissuade you from a music career.
  • Keep learning about the business. Consider how music has changed within 20 years: home recording, internet distribution, the decline of the major labels. You can’t afford to stop learning.
  • Don’t be afraid of risks.

These suggestions will help you move your career in the music business forward – however far along you may be now.


2 thoughts on “How to Advance Your Music Career

  1. OK. I’ve come full circle. Funny that you posted this today – the day I blogged about playing for completely different reasons (and for free). Of course the teaching income is steady and secure…

  2. Reblogged this on the career muse and commented:
    This post from another blog caught my eye today, due to my interest in nurturing those exploring creative careers, However, it struck me that this advice really applies to any career. Great post, Robert W. Oliver!

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