Ben Allison’s Open Letter to Musicians

In his thoughtful open letter to musicians, Ben Allison tells us that it’s important for us to become “as informed as possible about issues that impact our livelihoods.” We should take seriously the proposal by Pandora to pay even lower royalties to musicians than it does now, and we should also understand the threat posed by well-meaning fans when they tell us that music should be free. But we can’t stop at educating just ourselves – we must also educate others. Members of Congress, our fellow musicians, and our fans must be educated so that all understand that our songs – our ideas – have value not only to those groups but to us as well.

Brubeck Institute

Dave Brubeck’s career went well beyond just being about music. Whether it was the U.S. State Department Tours of 1958 as a cultural ambassador of peace or his jazz musical “The Real Ambassadors”, that addressed civil rights, the Cold War, God, and the music industry, Dave’s music was always more than just the notes on the page. “More Than Just the Music” is a new series on the BI Blog that will feature a wide variety of musicians that are making their mark on the scene today and that are making their careers “More Than Just the Music”.

This month the BI Blog will feature New York bassist and composer Ben Allison.

Over the past two decades, Ben Allison has solidified his reputation as a strong voice for artist empowerment and musician’s rights. In 2001 he served as an advisor to the Doris Duke Foundation, helping to establish Chamber…

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