How To Support the Indie Musician

Want to stimulate the local economy and do it for next to nothing? Support your local independent musician!

It’s easy to do, says Texas musician and writer Tracy Ready, and there’s not a lot of cost involved. In a recent article, Ready lists five low- to no-cost ways you can support the singer/songwriter in your neighborhood and support your local economy at the same time.

  1. Go to the event. If it’s at a club, pay the cover and stay for a set. Have a beer. Your total investment will probably be ten dollars or less, depending on the cover. You’ll blow that in a week on soda. And sign up for the newsletter. That’s free, and you could get a free music download just for doing it.
  2. If you like the music, buy the CD. Most artists sell their CDs at their gigs, usually for $15 or less. If you don’t want to buy the disc, drop $5 in the tip jar.
  3. Spread the word on Facebook and Twitter. This costs you nothing, but the potential boost to the artist is priceless. Retweet them when they advertise a gig. Post a review of the show on Facebook. Like one of their blog posts.
  4. Support their Kickstarter project. Even a five dollar donation helps.
  5. Host a house concert at your home. Invite several of your friends over for a house concert to hear the artist in an intimate setting. Suggested donations for such concerts are usually between $6 and $15, depending on the number of people, and everyone often brings a covered dish. It’s a more relaxed atmosphere, and fans have a better opportunity to get to know the musicians. (Click here to read more about house concerts.)

I’m going to add number 6: send this post to your friends so that they will know how easy it is to support the local music scene.


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