House Concerts: The Cure For the Common Venue

Wondering where to book your band next? Why not try the living room of one of your fans?

Over the past few years, house concerts have grown in popularity for many reasons. According to the New York Times, house concerts provide a more intimate and less expensive alternative than large venues. They also appeal to artists because the audience is there specifically for the more relaxed and highly social experience.

And they are more predisposed to like the artist and buy his merchandise.

House concerts are usually set up by someone who has both a love of live music and a fairly large house or yard. Guests are invited to bring a potluck dish and to make a donation to the artist, usually between ten and twenty dollars. If the musical guest is on tour, and the house concert is a stop along the way, the host usually offers lodging for the night.

Read the excellent Times article here for an overview of the subject. To learn more about house concerts and how to host or book them, visit Russ and Julie’s House Concerts website. And, yes, yours truly will be happy to play at your home.


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