What Seth Godin Can Teach the Music Industry

Entrepreneur, author, and public speaker Seth Godin was recently interviewed by Ariel Hyatt of ArielPublicity. I found out about the interview from a tweet from Ian Clifford and Amanda McGowan over at makeitinmusic.com, and I thought it was awesome enough to share with you.

Seth’s premise is that the music industry – the industry of Neil Diamond, as he puts it – is dead, and that the music business paradigm has changed completely. His key points in Part 1 are

  • Do something weird
  • Even though the music industry is dead, there are more opportunities than ever before
  • Your job as a musician is not to fill a slot, but to lead a group of people who want to follow you
  • Give your music away for free

Watch Part 1 below.

In Part 2, Seth gets blunt about money in music. If you’re angry all the time about not getting paid what you think you’re worth as a musician, he says, go do something else. Don’t worry if folks play your songs for free. The problem isn’t piracy, it’s obscurity. Solve the obscurity problem, and the money will take care of itself. In other words, be remarkable.

Watch Part 2 below.


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