Why You Should Use LinkedIn to Promote Your Music

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Use LinkedIn to get gigs? Are you serious?

I’m very serious. There’s a cool article about using LinkedIn for music promotion on Make It in Music, a website run by Ian Clifford and Amanda McGowan. The guest post by Juanita Appleby offers five good reasons why LinkedIn is for the serious musician.

LinkedIn, Ms. Appleby notes, is a professional social media site that is all about networking. Unlike anonymous “friends” on other social media sites, a user’s LinkedIn network is built on people you know. It is from connecting with those individuals that you connect with and build relationships with others such as event planners, radio personalities, agents, A&R people, and other musicians. (If you don’t know how to network, LinkedIn publishes an excellent guide. Click here and download the PDF.)

You can find gig opportunities not only from the individuals you connect with, but also from groups you follow. LinkedIn is also a site where many people post job listings (read song licensing and film opportunities), so you have that avenue open to you as well. Finally, you can promote your upcoming shows and other news on LinkedIn, but Ms. Appleby cautions against spamming. (Read a complete LinkedIn etiquette guide by clicking here.)

Having a mix of social media is the right thing to do, but understand what each site does best. Facebook, MySpace, and Twitter are fine for building a fan base, and jobs can be had through contacts made on these sites. But LinkedIn has a business focus, and building key relationships there can be equally important to your success in music. Besides, you need to treat your band as a business if you want those higher up the food chain to take you seriously, and creating a LinkedIn profile is a good first step in getting those music professionals to notice you.


Updated June 7, 2013

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