Guest Post: Rebel With a Dremel Installs New Life In an Old Friend

by Dave Currans

Editor’s note: Dave Currans is a guitarist, live sound engineer, and recording studio owner from Woodstock, Georgia. He plays guitar for Fineline and works as a monitor engineer for Northpoint Church. This is the first of several guest blogs he has offered to write for Sketchbook. “Rebel With a Dremel” provides detailed instructions on how to install a pickup in an acoustic guitar.

I bought a Washburn Jumbo acoustic guitar brand new in 1992. I love this guitar. It has been in every honky tonk and dive in North Georgia. It has been played in several churches. It is on a friend’s CD. Every mark, dent, and scratch that’s on it was painstakingly applied through the normal wear and tear that a 20 year old working guitar acquires. Picking this guitar up and playing it, for me, is like putting on an old favorite pair of jeans.  It is a member of my immediate family. In fact, it’s older than my daughter (but not by much). Did I mention how much I love this guitar?

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